Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Policies

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence is intended to provide a student time away from his/her studies due to a temporary circumstance or situation (academic, financial or personal). Any student who wishes to request a leave of absence should contact the Assistant Dean of Student Success for additional information and guidance as to next steps. Students must request a leave in writing to the Assistant Dean of Student Success and in making the request, include the following information: the specific reason/purpose for the leave, how the student plans to spend his/her time while away and confirmation of the intended semester of return.  There are three types of leave that a student can request:

Approved Leave of Absence

An Approved Leave of Absence is a leave initiated by the student and approved by the Assistant Dean of Student Success.  The student's planned leave from their studies at Manhattanville College cannot exceed 180 days in length.

Any federal loans taken prior to entering an Approved Leave will qualify to remain in an in-school status.  If the student in this status does not return to Manhattanville within 180 days, their status will be changed to "Institutional Leave of Absence." The student’s federal loan servicer will be notified that their six (6) month grace period has ended and their federal loans will enter repayment. The loan servicer will contact the student with information about the first payment due date. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions or concerns.

Institutional Leave of Absence

An Institutional Leave of Absence is a leave initiated by the student and approved by the Assistant Dean of Student Success.  This leave can last no more than two academic semesters, excluding winter and summer session.  This leave may be extended for one additional semester under extreme circumstances and only by approval of the Assistant Dean of Student Success.

Institutional Leaves of Absences do not qualify under federal regulations to have federal loans remain in an in-school status.

Medical Leaves of Absence (voluntary or involuntary)

See Medical Leaves of Absence policy.



Students who intend to withdraw from Manhattanville College should arrange for an exit interview by contacting the Assistant Dean of Student Success.


Reinstatement After Withdrawal

Any student who subsequently wishes to be reinstated to the College must submit an Application for Reinstatement to the Assistant Dean of Student Success at least one month prior to the first day of classes in the semester of intended return. This application should include the following: the reason(s) for departure from the College, how the student has spent his/her time while away and why he/she feels prepared to resume studies at Manhattanville. If time away included completion of coursework at another college, the student should request an official transcript be sent to the attention of the Assistant Dean of Student Success in support of his/her request for reinstatement. Finally, if conditions for return were stipulated at the time of the student’s departure then those conditions must be met before reinstatement can be finalized.

The Director of Student Success will contact relevant offices of the College regarding the request for reinstatement (Student Accounts, Financial Aid, the Dean of Students, and any other offices that may have imposed sanctions upon the student).  In doing so, if the Director determines the student can be academically approved and any outstanding holds have been resolved to the satisfaction of the applicable College office, the student can be reinstated to the College. Withdrawn students who are approved for reinstatement may register following the College’s traditional registration process. Students who have been reinstated to the College will be expected to complete the degree requirements posted to the current catalog at the time of reinstatement. Withdrawn students who are approved for reinstatement may apply for a room in the residence halls once they have registered for a full-time course load (they are not eligible to participate in the room lottery).  A student’s finalized reinstatement AND/OR  placement on a housing waitlist does not guarantee that the student will receive a housing assignment for that semester.