2023 General Education Curriculum

All undergraduate students must complete all of the following general education credit requirements. For students in the School of Arts and Sciences, a minimum letter grade of “C-” must be earned to fulfill a requirement.  Students in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences must consult the section on School of Nursing and Health Sciences in this catalog for information on minimum grade requirements for General Education courses.

Transfer students who matriculate at the College having earned an A.A. or A.S. degree from an accredited institution are exempt from completing Manhattanville College's General Education requirements. Please note that this exemption does not apply to those transfer students holding an A.A.S. degree from an accredited institution.


2023 General Education Curriculum

Working toward an undergraduate degree is an exciting time of exploration and self-discovery.  Manhattanville College's 2023 General Education program (GenEd 23) fosters that with flexibility.  In addition to fundamental skills like writing, oral communication, information literacy and technology, students will explore a rich liberal arts education across disciplines, including arts, humanities, global perspectives and languages, and natural and social sciences. This is the cornerstone of our mission of educating global citizens. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge through experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, clinicals, student teaching, and service learning, to prepare them for success in the workplace. This curriculum will also put you, the student, at the helm of your academic journey. You will gain specialized skills and knowledge in your chosen major, and still have time for a minor or second major to further explore your interests as you determine the path for your successful future. 

Please note:

  • A single course may only count towards one GenEd requirement.
  • Courses coded as CSCH are usually limited to students in the Castle Scholars Honors Program.

Part I: First Year Requirements (9 credits)

First Year Seminar

Academic Writing I and II

First Year Requirements introduce students to the mission and the ethical values of Manhattanville College.  These required courses provide a foundation in both oral and written communication as well as technological and information literacy.

Part II: Distribution Requirements (30 credits)

Math (3 credits)

Any Math (MATH), Computer Science (MAC) course or courses designated as Math in the Castle Scholars Honors Program (CSCH), Economics (ECO) and Psychology (PSY) [see list below]

Science (3 credits)

Any Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHM), Physics (PHY) course or courses designated as Science in the Castle Scholars Honors Program (CSCH) and Sport Studies Program (SPRT) [see list below]

Fine Arts (3 credits)

Any Studio Art (ART), Digital Media Production (DGMP), or Creative Writing (ENW) course. Or DTH course [excluding DTH 2214, 2216, 3202, 3203, or 3323.]Or a course in Music with the following subject codes (MUA [excluding private lessons], MUAT,  MUET, MUKH, MUTR)   This also excludes lessons MUA 4005/MUA 4006 and MUA 45XX. 

Second Language (3 credits)

Three introductory level credits in one language, including American Sign Language, or demonstration of equivalent competency by transfer, AP, TOEFL (score of 80 or higher), IELTS (score of 6.5 of higher), CLEP, or placement exam.

Social Science (6 credits)

Six credits in Communications & Media (CAM), Sociology (SOC), Psychology (PSY), Political Science (POS), Economics (ECO), Criminal Justice (POS), Legal Studies (POS), and courses designated as Social Science in the Castle Scholars Honors Program (CSCH), the Sport Studies Program (SPRT), and Women’s and Gender Studies Program (WGS) [see lists below]

Humanities (6 credits)

Six credits in American Studies (AMS), Art History (ARH), History (HIS), Philosophy (PHL), World Religions (WREL), English Literature (ENG), English Film Studies (ENF), Music History (MUH), and courses designated as Humanities in the Castle Scholars Honors Program (CSCH), the Dance and Theatre programs, the Sport Studies Program (SPRT) and the Women's and Gender Studies Program (WGS) [see list below] and Second Language courses taught in English

Global (6 credits)

Choose two courses from the following list of classes:

ANTH 1050: Cultural Anthropology

ARH 1018: Art and Architecture of the Medieval World

ARH 1045: The Body in Art & Visual Culture

BIO 2016: Global Environmentalism

CAM 2095: South Korean Media 

CAM 2100: Global Media

DTH 2214: Dance History I: Global Contexts

ENF 2088: History of Cinema I: Beginnings to World War II or GINS 2088: History of Cinema I: The Beginnings to WWII

ENF 2089: History of Cinema II: World War II to Present  or  GINS 2089: History of Cinema II: WWII to Present

ENG 2016: Global Horror Films or SOC 2016: Global Horror Films

ENG 2072: Global Prison Literature

GINS 1008: Introduction to Global Studies

GINS 1010: Global Economy

GINS 2001: World Culture through Literature & Film

GINS 2040: Armed Conflict

GINS 2050: Environmental Geography

HIS 1034: World History I

HIS 1036: World History II

HIS 2093: Presenting the Past

MUH 2015: Music in World Cultures

POS 1037: International Politics 

POS 2011: Comparative Politics 

POS 2068: Sports and International Relations

SOC 2001 or WGS 2001: Gender in Global Perspective

SPN 2023: Speaking About Movies: Advanced Conversation in Spanish

SPRT 2300: Sport and the Spiritual or WREL 2300: Sport and the Spiritual

WREL 1014:Religions of the World

WREL 2031: Psychology of Mystical Experience

WREL 2100 or ECO 2100 or WGS 2000: Economics, Religion & Patriarchy


Part III. Experiential Learning Requirement (1-3 credits)

The Experiential Learning Requirements builds on the skills and knowledge that students acquire by allowing them to apply their education to practical experiences beyond the classroom, and to reflect on these experiences to enhance knowledge and clarify values.

This requirements is fulfilled by:

  • An internship course (XXX 4497)
  • Atlas 4th credit service learning option (MVL 4500)
  • Nursing or RadTech Clinical courses (NUR XXXX.C/CM/CP
  • Student Teaching & Seminar (EDU 3032/3027/3039/3384)

Math Courses from CSCH, ECO and PSY

CSCH 3070: History of Geometry

ECO 2060: Economic Statistics

PSY 2012: Statistics for the Social Sciences


Science Courses from CSCH and SPRT

CSCH 3100: The Chemistry of Poisons

CSCH 3105: The Chemistry of Cannabis

SPRT 3542: Applied Kinesiology for P.E.

SPRT 3545: Applied Exercise Physiology


Social Science Courses from CSCH, SPRT, and WGS

CSCH 3013: Social Theory through the Arts

CSCH 3035: Intellectual History of Capitalism

SPRT 1010: Introduction to Sport Law

SPRT 1050: Introduction to Sport Studies

SPRT 2015: Sport and Social Change

SPRT 3547: Mind, Body and Sport

SPRT 3609 or WGS 3609: Equal Play: Gender in Sport 

WGS 1040: Women in Society


Humanities Courses from CSCH, SPRT and WGS

CSCH 3002: Decoding DaVinci

CSCH 3007: Atlantic Revolution 1760-1820

CSCH 3016: Beatles in their Context

CSCH 3018: The Museum in Victorian Literature

CSCH 3019: Anarchy in the USA

CSCH 3021: Violence/Resistance 20th Century Latin America

CSCH 3025: Genocide and Humanitarianism

CSCH 3060: Music and Politics

CSCH 3071: Art of Comedy

CSCH 3075: Archaeology and Gender

CSCH 3090: Thinking Overthinking

DTH 2214: Dance History I

DTH 2216: Dance History II

DTH 3202: Survey of Dramatic Literature I

DTH 3203: Survey of Dramatic Literature II

DTH 3323: Performance Seminar: NY Now

SPRT 2010: Ethics in Sports

WGS 2065: Women's Writing

WGS 2079: Women's Film

WGS 3005: Musicals: Hollywood, MTV and More

WGS 3015: Sexuality and Religion 

WGS 4010: Major Film Directors