First Year Writing Program

All first-year students enroll in First-Year Writing, a course that helps you develop the writing skills necessary to meet the demands of college-level study. The course includes an intensive review of grammar, style, and structure, and examines strategies for written analysis, persuasion, and argumentation. Writing, it is said, is rewriting, and this class emphasizes revising, editing, and drafting. By coordinating your First-Year Seminar work with your First-Year Writing class, you’ll recognize the connection between critical thinking and successful academic writing.

In addition to First-Year Writing, you can enroll in ENC 2000: Critical Research and Composition, which provides intensive instruction in elements of research, persuasion, and advanced composition.


First Year Writing Requirements

First Year Writing Courses

ENC 1001College Writing I


ENC 1002College Writing II



ENC 1101Advanced College Writing I


ENC 1102Advanced College Writing II