Program Sequence and Length

Students may proceed at their own pace in all programs with the exception of Jump Start.


Masters-level candidates have up to five years from the date of matriculation to complete their programs.  A time extension, typically of one-to-two years, may be granted at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs. In such cases, additional Education courses may be required to update the student's program, as determined by the relevant department of the School of Education.  Students must also meet any and all new or revised certification requirements imposed by NYSED.

Student or supervised teaching is a culminating experience, typically undertaken when all coursework and all other requirements have been completed.

A student admitted to the Signature and Higher Education Leadership pathways has 8 years from the date of the student’s initial course registration to complete the degree.  A student admitted to the Executive Ed.D. pathway has 4 years from the date of the student’s initial course registration to complete the program.  Any student who does not complete the degree in the time allotted for their pathway will be considered withdrawn from the program on the first day of the ninth year from initial enrollment for the Signature and Higher Ed cohorts or on the first day of the fifth year from initial enrollment for the Executive Ed.D. cohort.  A student in these circumstances may apply to the program director for a one-time one-year extension.

After successful defense of their dissertation proposals, all doctoral candidates are required to be continuously registered for a minimum of 2 credits of dissertation supervision each semester including summer, until they complete the program with successful defense of dissertation.  Upon a student’s signing an acknowledgement of this requirement, the School of Education will automatically complete this registration and billing.  Doctoral students on approved leave of absence during dissertation supervision will not be automatically registered or billed during that period.

Any student teaching under tan internship certificate under the auspices of the college after they would normally have graduated or anyone who will not be mentored as part of student teaching or who has not completed student teaching previously, while teaching under the internship certificate, must be mentored by the college and must pay a mentorship fee equivalent to one-credit of tuition

Jump Start students who do not or cannot find or complete a teaching position will be allowed to join a traditional Masters program and follow the coursework and student teaching pre-requisites and schedule, appropriate for that program.